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How deep is the river if you cannot see the bottom?

Paul Brzeski
2 min readJun 18, 2017


Upgrading your computer isn’t too hard — you work out where you can get good gains or if the whole setup needs a replacement. Unfortunately the latter option isn’t available for the human brain.

Well, at least until we can absorb information more… directly.

Developing for the web requires constant reinvention, both in your process and the tools you use. This can be an exhausting process and most organisations will specialise in order to have a reliable toolset and process. It’s more important to have a predictable process than to use the latest greatest technology.

A few weeks ago I whipped up a new personal homepage design that is going to push me out of my comfort zone for animation and site design.

Essentially, the dude falls out of the sky, runs away from someone into an elevator and flies away in a space ship as pterodactyls chase him. That old story.

My new website design should hopefully help me develop some experience in 2D drawing and animation - something I’m missing at this point in Manifold’s design. I don’t want to start any form of development until I’m confident in the design.

As part of rebuilding my personal site, I’m going back to my roots and using Raphael, rather than wrangling Three.JS or using a more “modern” library like paper.js.

Most importantly, I think this project needs a nickname, an umbrella term that saves me from over-defining.. and internal marketing term for my brain.

Sometimes you need to solve a problem creatively, with an unrelated task. I made this image trying to come up with a codename for my personal site redevelopment.
OK.. so drawing by hand didn’t really produce anything useful either...

Maybe a name isn’t needed for now..



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