Kamigen is a fictional island loosely based on the real Camiguin island.

Set Raytracers to Maximum

Paul Brzeski
2 min readOct 16, 2018

So I was casually watching a Youtube video about dogfighting in space. They made a great point that guns on fighters should be close instead of far apart — this is something that I struggled to design for when working on Langenium.

The issue you have when the guns are close together on an aircraft? It simply looks cooler for guns to be huge and spread far apart on the wings.

As mentioned on the video I watched, X-Wing’s looks cool.. but anything with a narrower profile than their guns is gonna be a nightmare to shoot at.

My latest project Kamigen is aiming to be an aerial combat RPG in a cyberpunk world, randomly on a tropical island. Bullets in Langenium were computationally expensive, each bullet was calculating collisions and the aircraft had unlimited gattling style firing.

Instead of firing rounds, I’m going to make it more about maneuvering and chasing enemies — allowing a laser or missile to fire. I think this is a more interesting way to setup the game anyway. Precise shots while flying at high speeds in three dimensions sucks. Dual or more lasers could fire from the tips of the wings at the same or independent targets — saving me from running hundreds of collisions checks per animation frame.

This old Langenium screenshot was actually demonstrating the raytracer itself, but it’s essentially what I’m suggesting Kamigen’s weapons look like.

So there you have it — I’m going to weaponize the raytracer.



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